Bank Connectivity Service

Secure connections in the cloud.

How it Works

Reval's Bank Connectivity Service (BCS) offers global scale and efficiency for both large and mid-market companies. With over 650 clients across the globe, Reval BCS can support treasury to bank connection requirements in any market. From fast, secure, payment processing to sanction list checking and filtering, the Reval Bank Connectivity Service offers global treasuries an effective and easy way to achieve end-to-end global banking.


SWIFT Alliance Lite 2
cloudGearsFides Bank Connectivity Service:
  • Automate bank balance and transaction collection
  • Connect and import both SWIFT (MT9
Fides Payments:
  • Automate export of electronic payment files (SWIFT MT101 and ISO20022) to Fides
  • Convert the files into specific payment formats and deliver to receiving banks
  • Track status for sent payments
Bank Connectivity Import:
  • Connect directly and secure to banks or 3rd party service providers using secure file transfer to upload bank statements (SWIFT (MT9XX), ISO CAMT and BAI2) and transaction files or send payments files (SWIFT MT101/195/196/199 and ISO20022)
Payment Connectivity:
  • Automate the export of electronic payment files (SWIFT MT101/103 and ISO20022) to external service providers
  • Track the status of sent payments by importing acknowledgements
SWIFT Alliance Lite 2
SWIFT Alliance Lite2 Payments
  • Send SWIFT MT101/03 payment via SWIFT AL2 directly from Reval
  • Receive and import FIN21 acknowledgements and from SWIFT AL2
SWIFT Alliance Lite2 Bank Connectivity Service:
  • Import SWIFT MT9XX messages via SWIFT AL2 into Reval


The ability to scale offers treasury organizations enormous amounts of efficiency. As organizations expand and transaction volumes and bank accounts increase, Reval believes that TRM providers should make it convenient for treasuries to operate. Clients leveraging BCS do not spend time on sourcing and securing bank connectivity partners. They do not need to be concerned with upgrade projects and costs – with two major platform upgrades per year, Reval does it for them:

  • All bank interfaces are implemented and configured accurately
  • Any and all security upgrades provided by BCS partners are implemented into the Reval Cloud Platform
  • Payment processing and associated data is secure throughout the entire payment process

Designed for automated and effortless treasury and risk management, Reval BCS takes on all of the heavy-lifting when it comes to bank connectivity so treasury can focus on supporting their growing business.

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Reval’s approach to security is diligent, proven, and always on. Our highest priority is to ensure the integrity our client’s data and financial transactions:

  • All clients are provided with multi-factor authentication and encryption tools to increase payment security
  • All Reval data centers are outfitted with industry leading intrusion detection and fraud prevention systems and protocols
  • Payment activity is continuously monitored by Reval’s full-time security operations center that identifies and investigates any anomalies

Clients leveraging the Reval Cloud Platform benefit from the enterprise-level security protocols provided in the solution – from application security to database security to user security. Reval offers the strongest support SLAs in the industry.

Additionally, Reval currently meets SSAE16, SOC1, and SOC2 Type II report requirements.

Solution Brief

Reval for Global Cash and Liquidity Management

When you utilize the Reval solution, you gain comprehensive global visibility into your cash, working capital and positions so that you can streamline your treasury workflow for efficiency and accuracy.

Download our brief for more information on Reval’s key cash and liquidity features and benefits!